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My Green Penny is playing in the Green, making the Green, talking the Green and let’s not forget smoking the Green. We are taking advantage of the one in the lifetime opportunity of the Gold Rush. By Gold Rush we mean the Marijuana Gold Rush, known as the Green Rush. We are here to help investors understand the stock market, charts and make money. We are here to constantly update our followers with real-time hot marijuana stocks that are emerging in the market. We want you to have fun while making money, hunting unicorns, and learning about the stock market.
With the Marijuana Industry beginning to flourish, investors are starting to take notice. There are many opportunities emerging for investors to take advantage of. Currently many of the Marijuana stocks are being trading publicly on the OTC. With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington. Since the beginning of 2014 marijuana stocks have been showing major gains and major investor interest.

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